Thursday, April 22, 2010

In New York......

.....Central Park To Visit

Beautiful Hotel Lobby Floral Arrangements

This photo is for my sister Ashley.
Goes back to one of our NYC family visits staying at The Plaza.

Great Food
Original Brasserie
(They filmed here on some of the Sex And The City episodes we were told that included the final episode - the staff always enjoyed when the cast and crew came especially since most of them are actors and got to be extra's.)

Sushi of Gari

Spaghetti Carbanara by Crispo
"The Three P's" dish.  I must say Chef Jim's (as I call him) tasted a little better, but Chef Frank was out that night so we will have to have another showdown again soon.

The NY Bagel - The Best Bagel!

Dim Sum - Cheers!
Red Egg

Great Sites
Rockefeller Center

On our way to have a coffee at Dean and Deluca

Chrysler Building

Great Cathedrals
St. Patrick's

St. Bart's

A Cappuccino in SoHo at Le Petit Cafe

Of course there is shopping to be done in NYC, and I did some of that.  Many tourist sites which Jim and I try to avoid as much as possible, although of course, some tourist things everyone should do even locals - at least once.  We made our way to Time Square which keeps getting more and more obnoxious with each visit, but hey it's New York, and we gotta keep up with Tokyo. 

NYC is a city that truly has it all, and while the saying of locals goes something like this...."We couldn't live anywhere else, but why would anyone want to visit," I say it's definitely worth a visit to the "Big Apple" for any & all!  New Yorkers are wonderful people while my husband may not let me be a fan of the Yankee's I'm a big fan of the people.  Even when I don't order right or take too long - they are good people regardless of their sometimes tough exterior.  They have to be tough to have endeared and overcome all they have!  But they would do what they could to help their neighbor and those in need.  The are true corkers!  And as Frank Sinatra Sang, "If you can make it in NYC - you can make it anywhere."


  1. Your picture of the sushi & Sapporo make it look like you should be in Japan instead of NYC! You can get all of that you want here!

  2. Chef Gari started his Restaurant in Tokyo!! Then he brought it to NYC and it's been most successful!! Chef Gari was actually visiting Japan the night we were at his restaurant. I hope I get to come visit you, Rach, in Japan and eat yummy sushi with you! :)

  3. Looks like such a fun trip. I have always wanted to go to NYC. It is on my list of places for Matt and I to go. I will call you when we need tips of where to go and stay.