Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grilled Cheese

It's hard to get better than cheese! And when you grill it, then top it off with some hickory smoked bacon, and a little butter on the outside pieces of bread, well, the effects are wowing! This is what we had last night. For our bread we used the fantastic recipe from sullivan street bread co. in NYC that we like to make each weekend, but we've used a basic loaf of store bought bread before and the result is still the same - delicious. Try this easy, wonderful, simple gourmet meal and taste the wow factor!

All you need to do is put aged yellow/white cheddar or both on a piece of bread, add some cooked bacon on top if like, grind some pepper over. Cover with the other slice of bread put it on the skillet med to low heat or on your panini maker and cook till it's toasted and the cheese melted. Serve with some tomato bisque you buy from the local grocery store or a restaurant to go.

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