Friday, September 9, 2011

Parties - Wonderland Inspirations and more....

This summer while backstage before a performance a friend and I got to discussing all the neat party ideas with the Alice In Wonderland theme.  Whether a wedding, a kids birthday, or just an event so many neat ideas can come from this classic fairy tale.  A few weeks ago my sister came across a designer line with a Mad Hatter collection.  A tea party is another fun idea from this theme.  Here are some photos for inspirational ideas....

I loved this party on Sex And The City the movie.

Recently I watched Giada on Foodnetwork planning and giving a party for her daughters first birthday.  It was all about eat, play, fun!  The kids had their own poundcake to decorate - you could do anything like cookies such as sugar cookies and even cookies in shapes if you had a theme like animals you could incorporate shapes that way.  Just have fun!

A site I learned of through a friend has many is Kara's party.  There are so many sites and places to find neat ideas - blogs for one!  My friends and family amaze me with their creativity in event planning with the birthday parties for their kids.  Oh, I love it!  So fun and that's the main thing I believe - whether you have a theme for a big event or just have a few people over - have fun!  Big or small - nothing is right or wrong - it's all a matter of preference and preference at that moment.  Just enjoy even if you just keep it basic and simple - that can be the best!  I think of myself and how I have to keep it basic and simple.  I see all these neat ideas and if I were to try to pull some of them off how I could end up in a disaster.  And that's the beauty of it and just to laugh and go on come what may!  But a key ingredient I think is to have help.  It's always fun to be doing things together with a friend.  And you can benefit from a second eye and skill set.  We can all benefit from a little help along the way.

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