Thursday, September 8, 2011


The local food movement takes root.

"American food is in a state of crisis. Health, food costs and our environment are all in jeopardy. A movement to put good food back on the table is emerging. What began 30 years ago with chefs demanding better flavor, has inspired consumers to seek relationships with nearby farmers. This is local food."

Knowledge is the key to unlocking doors and opening yourself to something better.  Knowing what you're putting in your body, where it comes from, and conscience eating is key to healthier living.  May we all work on this together and support each other.  We can begin by finding our local farmers market.  

The key to a good meal is good ingredients.  The best meals can be so simple - it's all about the fresh full flavors.  You do pay a little more to eat fresh, support local farmers, and live healthy.  But buying fresh and local is still less expensive than going out to eat.  And chain restaurants are serving corporate cost effective ingredients and meals that are loaded with salt, sodium, and worst of all unnecessary calories.  For example: on the boarder dox xx fish tacos with creamy red chile sauce: 2350 calories.  

There is indeed a level of comfort, which I identify with and understand, in chain eating.  Marketing is in conjunction with mass and familiarity and what illicit those feelings of comfort - effective marketing will bring the masses and increase business.  But with more business corporate is involved and it's all about cost and quality is comprised.  Ultimately we're the ones paying the cost.  

Corporate restaurant chains are not the kind of places that support fresh, healthy, and local.  They are the places that destroy these sacred things of our past and heritage.  We must make an effort to support what is best for our bodies, best for our health, and best for those we love.  The cost and sacrifice for authentic, fresh is well spent and the cost for supporting corporate is one we can't afford.  May we all develop a strong 'hunger for change.'

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