Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buttercup and Lily

While living in Boston, Jim and I went away together for a nice weekend in VT. There I learned to snow ski for the first time, and was introduced to the wonderful world of Cabot Cheese.

When Jim found a B&B that had 2 golden retriever puppies featured on their site - we booked a room right away. I anticipated our arrival to goldens greeting us and sitting with us by a cozy fire.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived to find no goldens. I keep thinking, but the website clearly told me to "come meet Buttercup and Lily". What do I do?.....

Well, I ask, "Where are Buttercup and Lily and can I meet them." I asked several times. Finally after we made friends with the owners - mainly through Jim listened to what seemed like hours of stories about birds and bird watching - we won them over and they agreed to let us see the dogs. The moment arrived.

After breakfast, before we left for skiing, we were told to go wait at a certain spot, and they would bring them to see us. We wondered why it was so hard to just let us see the dogs?! Something must be up - but what?!

Rustling, thuds, and more rustling is what we heard from inside the house while we waited in the snow by the side door. Suddenly the door flung open, and out came Buttercup reared up and muzzled. She was soon followed by Lily who looked the same. Jim and I didn't know what to do. We sorta patted them and let them retreat to wherever it was from whence they came. Although we don't have a picture, we can still vividly picture that moment, and have a laugh at the thought of Buttercup and Lily!

While the Birds Nest Inn is no longer around there are some other B&B's either friends have stayed at and enjoyed, or I found in researching and have on my list of places to stay on the next Vermont visit such as Twin Farms, Fan House, and The Huntington.  And the Von Trapp family have a place in the area.

Two restaurants we enjoyed while in Stowe were the Cactus Cafe and Michael's On The Hill.  It was too cold to have Ben and Jerry's, but VT is it's home so it's nice to have that if it's not too cold.

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