Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This time last year....

....I uncovered Jim's plan to give me a puppy for my birthday. It all started by me receiving an email entitled "the parents" with the attached photos.

I've been wanting a puppy since we got married, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel since I was in high school. I had a dear friend who had two and they were such loves. I knew there were several health issues with this breed so I wanted to make sure I found a breeder that really watched these important areas (the main one being the heart) and cared for all aspects of these special dogs.
In the spring of o7 I went on a search for the right breeder for us and my quest led me to Daniel and Alavour. Daniel and I spoke on the phone and emailed for several months. On a girl weekend in Dallas I stopped by to meet Daniel. I was so impressed. He had built a home for his dogs that connected to his - he had it decorated like a designer home - a set up like no other. It was clear how much Daniel loved these dogs. I knew I could trust Daniel, and I wanted a dog from Alavour. http://www.alavour.com/home.htm
Jim had decided that my birthday in 08 would be the perfect time to add the addition of a dog to our family. He spoke with Daniel that summer and the plans began. Sadly, later that summer Daniel was diagnosed with Cancer. As it turned out Bo was the last puppy he ever placed.
Daniel's dogs now live happily in Oregon http://www.fleetstreetcavaliers.com/ with wonderful "parents" on what I call a Cavalier Plantation (like the Dalmatian plantation from 101 Dalmatians). When I was trying to decide on a boy or girl pup Daniel told me, "The saying is that the girls love you but the boys are in love with you." A boy for me it was, but I still want a little girl too.
Doesn't Bo look like his mom - sweet Mariah. I remember Daniel's asking me if I was ready to meet his dogs, and all of a sudden I was surrounded by tons of precious CKCs. Mariah being one right in my lap and in my face giving me kisses. Bo has her sweet disposition too.
Bo's dad, Angus (for short), comes from a sweet home in San Francisco. They were Daniel's friends and he breed Mariah with Angus http://www.tassajaracavaliers.com/index.htm.
After I got this email entitled "the parents" it was pretty confirmed in my mind I was getting the pup I always wanted. I started questioning Jim...... (to be continued)

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