Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Season...

From birthdays to Thanksgiving to Christmas.....


My dad came for a visit - what a great birthday present!
 You don't order dessert and you get dessert -- go fig huh!

Jim and I were so funny over this gourmet cotton candy they gave us each
ones to go - really funny in the moment but as I type this I think it's one of those
had to be there kind of things.

Where the loves enjoy sitting

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from B & T

Jim's favorite bread to make

Birthday Cheers!

Birthday Dinners from New York to Connecticut....

"Have you taken the photo yet?!"

Celebrating Maayan's birthday (she loves to celebrate like I do - we had several bday parties)
Ladies night at Ribalta (formerly Piola) and Karaoke after!
(every Wednesday is ladies night at Ribalta)

Birthday Shades and Necklace

Holiday Glitz

Rock Center 
(always a central attraction every year this was after a holiday party a couple years ago)

My mom, aunt, uncle, sister, and grands

Jim on the Travel Channel

Touch of country in the city
 Old Good Things

Feed the birds

The store windows

The tins remind me of my grandmothers

Reminds me of "The Birds" maybe inspired by the new movie "The Girl"

Columbus Circle

In the West Village


 A lot of Old World in Soho

Crosby Street Hotel

Signs of Fall Linger

The furnace

View while riding on Metro North

Union Square Christmas

 Flat Iron

 Madison Square Park

Birthday Slippers

Thanks to Aunt Leslie I had tupperware for all!

'Here Comes The Sun'

Bryant Park
(one great place to ice skate in the city - we took this photo 
after a holiday event around the corner at the Yale Club)

Our version of holiday decorating this year

I was three and made my family gather as I shared with them the first story I ever memorized......
"Twas The Night Before Christmas....."
Love this dish towel and cat studio!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Watching the snow fall with my sister Melissa on Christmas - hard to beat that!

 Ashley and Me
(family holiday dinner out - what fun times - what great memories)

 Melissa and Me

Christmas Parties - DELICIOUS in every since of the word!

"Here's Lookin' At You Kid!"

Holiday Travel - "ARE WE THERE YET!"

Thumbs up to a barbershop quartet in the West Village