Friday, January 8, 2010

A look at 2009

This was one of those years where dueling emotions occurred simultaneously. Celebrating the happiest of moments with some, coincided with the lowest of moments for others. Encouragment was found in the life that EMK (Edward Moore Kennedy) lived. With all the tragedy he saw and endured he could have just given up, but instead he rose above becoming the champion for those who had none. President Obama said it best, "Through his own suffering Ted Kennedy became more alive to the plight and suffering of others." May suffering not leave a mark of bitterness, but in turn make us more compassionate to those around us.

A few memorable moments of 2009 (in random order):

Witnessing President Obama become the 44th President
Lots of beginnings were celebrated this year! And although we may not have listed all of the wonderful moments celebrated in this blog entry. We shared in the excitment
with all our friends & their new beginnings whether it be marriage or precious little babies!
Cheers to all the beautiful beginnings starting with Jacob and Lindsay's wedding....

....the girls in our family at Jacob and Lindsay's wedding.

Annual Ornament Exchange Party
Kareoke anywhere anytime - Sing it Katelyn!

The birth of Harper Ann

Our family at Cousin Katie's Shower just a little before Harper Ann's arrival! It's so exciting welcoming these precious little ones to our family, and watching the family grow!!

Seeing Shelby graduate and time with the family "on the farm"

Drew being born.
Traveling to New England to meet him,
visit our family, and celebrate our anniversary.

Showering Laura
Baby Braysen

Christmas at the Peabody, Memphis

Trip To Napa

Showering Megan before the twins

Family Reunion This Summer

Celebrating Birthdays & Time With Friends!!
Bella turning 1

Lauren Turning 1

Lunches and dinners with friends....

Meeting Anna Beth

Showering Carrie before baby Shelby's birth

Meeting baby Shelby

Enjoying girl time with Carrie, Shelby, and our college friends!

Zoe's Birthday Party

Sunsets at Duncan Firm

Meeting Paul Begala at the JJ Dinner

Seeing A Rainbow over Duncan Firm

Any and all time spent with Bo!

Meeting Santa at the Carti Event

Lunch with Zoe and seeing her painting of Obama

Welcoming the Burgeis twins into the world!

Meeting Dr. Phil and Robin

Golf Days With Don

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