Friday, February 12, 2010

Monogramming Etiquette

Female Monograms:
For most, the conventional monogram for women consist of three letters with a larger letter in the middle flanked by two smaller letters on each side. Traditionally, the larger middle letter is for the last name, the smaller letter on the left is for the first name and the smaller letter on the right is for either the middle name or maiden name.

Name: Sydney Rachel Wilson
Monogram: SWR

Male Monograms:
The traditional monogram for a man is a horizontal monogram. Each letter is the same height and appears in the same order as the actual name -- first name, middle name, last name.

Samuel Nathan Wallace
Monogram: SNW (all letters being the same usually in a block font)

Couple Monogram:
Traditionally when the bride takes the groom's last name, the monogram is bride's First Name Inital, the couples last name inital, groom's first name inital. Like at the wedding - brides side is to the left, groom's side is to the right. Or you could choose to do a single monogram just using the first inital of their last name.
Bride First Name: Samantha
Groom First Name: Ned
Last Name: Wilson

The Single Letter Initial: a guideline of when to use the first or last initial.
Jewelry, Handbags, Bath wraps, etc for females: Inital of the female's name.
Glassware, Soap, or Candles: name of the female, male, or couple.
Stamps and Embossers: Female: either the first or last initial - the trend leans more towards the first. If the stamp is for a man or a couple the last name is suggested. wels: Same rule mentioned for stamps.
Towels: Same as with stamps and embossers - for a female either the first or last initial (with the first being more popular). For a couple the last name is generally more appropriate.

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