Monday, March 15, 2010

Tip Of The Day For Ya.....

I hosted a baby shower at my house for a life long friend, Lyndsey, this past weekend.  I wanted the pink long stem roses to open a bit for the event.  My sister in law, Lesley, took a course on flower arranging, and she told me just what to do.

1.)  Cut the ends of each stem in a diagnol cut
2.)  Put the packaged food in a vase
3.)  Pour hot water in the vase on top of the flower food
4.)  Put the flowers in the vase

The result: perfection!  Thanks, Les!

Photos From The Fun Day:
Natalie, Rachel, Lyndsey, Suzanne, & Laura

Charlotte, Carol, Rachel, Lyndsey, Suzanne, Cheri, Laura

Suzanne, Ashlyn, Kambry

Laura Kate, Marieca, Lyndsey

Cindy, Lyndsey, Natalie

A & Pink for precious baby girl Amelia

Dress all the way from Japan from Rachel.
It's like one Lyndsey and I have from our trip to China.

Sweet Elijah our dear friend Julie's baby boy

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  1. Sue you did such a beautiful job with Amelia's shower! I felt so incredibly LOVED. God was so good to let me see and catch up with girls that I have loved so dearly for so many years. Thanks for getting us together for such a special time!