Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Not too long ago Jim and I stopped over at my cousin Megan's for a visit with her, Charlie, and the twins. We enjoyed reading, laughing, and cuddling. A good time had by all! Megan had the house spotless, and warm brownies just out of the oven on a serving platter waiting for us. Fragrant candles beckoned us to enter; all of these sweet touches made the house feel so warm and welcoming - just like them! Their home is lovely - again - just like them!

Recently, photos of the twins, and their cousins were taken at "Little Maw Maw's" house. Megan and I along with our siblings and cousins have many memories growing up playing at our great grandmother, Maw Maw's, home. The photos have taken me down a sweet memory lane. In my mind I'm going back to Maw Maw's as it was when she was alive, when the smell of coconut pie would lure you in from the garden. And her sweet, soft voice would have you wanting to listen to her for hours. When the autumn breezes would put us in a peaceful trance as we swung on the old swing watching the world float by. Those were the days....those are special treasured memories.

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