Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving Tips


  1. Label your stuff well i.e.: summer tops
  2. Pack your clothes in garbage bags and then in boxes
  3. Label all sides with what room and check fragile – whatever is needed etc
  4. Spend the money for bubble wrap, packing paper, and boxes it's important to pack china etc well
  5. Be detailed in labeling your boxes i.e.: 3 glass bowels, 4 red glasses, 4 white coffee mugs etc
  6. Give yourself time start 6 weeks in advance do an hour or so each day


    1.   Move boxes into their specific rooms and organize in a fashion where you can walk around
    2.   Move the big furniture like you want it (you may have to move boxes several times to do this)
    3.   Start unpacking your boxes room by room one by one - most important areas first i.e.: bed & kitchen
    4.   With your big furniture in place and boxes piled in one place in each room you will not be overwhelmed
    5.   Clean as you go i.e: clean the area you pick for your TV then set your TV up same for sofa etc

    6.   Again give yourself 6 weeks to get settled if working full time much less if not working 1 - 2 weeks

If you don't have someone packing and/or moving you these tips are for you.  In our latest move we did it all ourselves with the gracious help of family and friends along the way.  These were some of the tips that we learned and thought we'd pass on in hopes to help others  who are like us and taking on a move themselves.

Our move lead us cross country one big reason of which was for me to chase my lifetime dream of acting.  We stayed with friends along our journey from the south to the north. We had to pack several things for living through the fall and part of winter with Jim's parents while we transitioned into NYC.  Upon arriving in the fall we unloaded truck into storage unit - in the winter we reloaded the truck to move to NYC - then unloaded the truck in NYC, mind you a 24 foot truck.  What a move!  Glad we are settled into our NYC home now. 

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