Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cupcakes By Melissa

The other night we celebrated Tessie's birthday!  She turned two.  We went on a lovely walk during the evening to let her enjoy the nice summer like weather in spring and to pick out her birthday cupcake(s).  She knew it was her special day and she made sure everyone else around in the cupcake store and on the street knew she was special.  Bo joined in -- funny how dogs and animals can sense so much!  It's all about our energy! 

We've got another birthday to celebrate tomorrow!  Wait - actually it's today.  I'm up so late tonight - didn't even realize.  Jim had to work on a brief or something legal so I decided to watch a movie.  I watched the Romantics.   A couple of good songs from the movie.  Brutal Heart - take a listen.  A friend invited me to the private screening of Mirror Mirror last week.  It comes out March 30th.  I liked the costumes. It was a different role than we've seen Julia Roberts play.

Better go get my birthday boy and get to bed.  Sweet dreams to all.

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