Wednesday, September 12, 2012


With the light chill and smell of fall in the air I'm reflecting on a what a fun summer we had....

 Lounging in the park 

 Going out to eat

Walking upon lots of movie/tv sets


 Plays - NYC Fringe

 Going to the gym

Enjoying the world around

 Going to the grocery store - gotta get done

 Mother Mary comes to visit

Going home

 Anniversary at Matthew Kenney's

Riding the subway

 Noticing life happening around you

 Fun with friends

 Sushi dinner

 Outside with the little loves

 Up on the roof
 Out and about

 The rotating display a friend introduced me to

 Street finds

 Time with family and friends

Appreciating kitsch art

Sister moments

Old stomping grounds
Peabody with my friend Big C
Saw one of my high school teachers right before this photo.  
 Great being back in ole' stomping grounds where you see the people 
who knew ya when.  And always great to
come back home to the friends that know you now and live in the present.  And as they say...

'Life goes on.'

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