Thursday, February 7, 2013

Venturing Out In Winter

Jim rides his bike to get around now - he took these photos for me a couple weeks ago:

My mom sent us this special granola we love and thanks to my Aunt Leslie we have containers for it!

I gave my friend a set of these yellow plates for her home in Italy and
she had me keep this one for my kitchen.  I put it by a picture of me
and Jim and the dishcloths my great gran makes.

Aunt Jeanne brought over ingredients for dinner last week

I took this photo when the temp was in the teens - I was dreaming of a warm beach about then!

My friend Anna and I had to stop in and look at dance stuff when we were meeting for tea the other day.

Hard to beat Chanel's pink ballet flats.  

Working with other actors for a directing class.  I was playing an excited fan
and we were taking pictures in a blocking exercise.  Jim's in the background as a person in a restaurant.

Love this skirt - the tutu's are out and about in the city!

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