Friday, August 30, 2013


I have loved juicing this year!  What a great thing to do for yourself and health.  And breville makes some great inexpensive juicers so you can make your own.  Just be sure to consume within an hour if you aren't using a cold press juicer to get the maximum nutrition. And stay away from Jamba Juice and such like if you are trying to be healthy because their products are made from concentrate, syrups, powders -- things that aren't natural.  NATURAL is the way to go -- aka raw -- the real deal!

Loving going over to M.A.K.E for my juices, which M.A.K.E, by the way, made the top 20 list for best vegetarian restaurants in August Food and Wine magazine and was listed in the LA Daily Candy yesterday.  Go M.A.K.E.!  Matthew Kenney really gets it right!!

I'm loving learning and passing on what knowledge I've obtained to others in hopes it will be enjoyed and beneficial as it is to me.

Here are a couple of articles with some recipes and MK's thoughts re juicing and how a raw diet can improve an athletes performance.  Pretty amazing all the natural healers out there and how much we can do for ourselves.

 Me with a homemade carrot juice and kale chips one hot July day this year.

photo taken from LA Times

Article from Food and Wine, August 2013

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