Friday, December 13, 2013

It's The Holiday Season

Lots has happened since I blogged last.  My sister, Melissa, came to visit us.  We went to Disneyland and the beach and so many places.  Had such a blast.  I went home to where I grew up and got to be there for my dad's birthday as well as my grandmother's.  Got to judge a big show called Tiger Tunes at OBU's homecoming.  Was in a commercial for the state of Arkansas.  Hung out with my sisters on Halloween.  Went to NYC and my husband James took me and our dogs to Napa for my birthday.  Made new friends, saw old friends, received random acts of kindness and gifts, enjoyed sunsets, read books, and worked out looking at the beach, tried new things like Shape House to name a few things.  

Here is a slideshow (in no particular order) .......

 Sunset happy hour with friends

 Tiger Tunes my Senior Year

One of my fav dance classes in NYC

Picnic's on the beach

 sunset drives

 dinner/drinks on the beach with friends!

fam time

sis time


 friend time

on camera time

"Hello Ladies!"


Fab dinners

 James in the glasses modeling

Happy Endings!

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