Friday, August 28, 2009

Burgeis Twins....

After lots of pushing then ultimately a C-section, my cousin, Megan Harvey Burgeis, has beautiful twins! Mallory finally debuted at 6:10ish at 6 lb., 5 oz. and Brody at 6lb., 1oz on August 26.

I gathered with almost all my family on my Mom's side to witness the miracle yesterday. We were all wearing ribbon that said "It's a boy - It's a girl." I took a photo of cousin Kc's little Isabella's foot wearing the pink and blue ribbons.

There were well over 50 people in and out all day, and over 40 when in the waiting room when she delivered. When the nurse said we could all come in - she didn't realize just how many of us there were, but it was really special, and Meg and Charlie were so sweet - not overwhelmed in the least. They welcomed us in, and my Uncle Ray (Meg's dad) said a prayer over the twins. Praying for their lives, and ultimately that they would come to know Christ as their Savior. Not a dry eye in the room. I will never forget that moment!

Brody and Mallory are technically my cousins, but they are are really my new niece and nephew.....and I can't stay away from them! I'm already so attached!

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