Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our First Garden, March - August 2009


The process begins...

Starts with the dirt

"The Stuff "

First row down

Our little rows

"And there you have it"

Having Fun

Our Dogwood

Bo finding shade

Love this photo

"Mr. Bo "

Smelling the Jasmine

Time for a rest

onto the flowers

JUNEWith all the rain we got it was growing
at a slower pace than we hoped.

By July we had our first produce.....

Little Roma
A fun little game we like to play is "taste test."
We taste tested ours with a store bought one and we both guessed right!

"Holy Peppers"
By August we had an abundance of peppers! My great grandmother, Grandmama, told me how she loved growing peppers in her garden, but 6 plants may have been over doing it - next year it's 1 cayenne pepper plant. I've shared them with my office, and they've reciprocated with things like purple hull peas. I'm going to have my grandmother, Nonnie, to make them for the family sometime soon - we are going to mix them with the peppers. I love Nonnie's Southern Home Cooking. Nothing like your grandma's cooking, right!
We've had 1 bell pepper, but sadly no photo - and it was a good lookin' little pepper too. Maybe better than a photo is that we enjoyed it! We put half in our thai basil recipe and the other half in our caesar salad. It's a neat feeling eating what you've grown, and being able to share it with others. I have farming in my blood, but I wouldn't say I see me as a farmer. I'm blessed to have Jim, Mr. Renaissance man.

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