Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bo's Birthday Party

Venue: My Mom and Dad's

Attendees: My parents, sisters, Nonnie and D-Daddy, Leslie, Danny, Seth, Miska, and Mo

Dinner is served: Whole Hog BBQ

Dessert for the humans: Mom's Homemade Chocolate Pie

Dessert for the dogs: Bone Bday Cake for the dogs made by Just Dogs (sent some home for Bailey & Hunter)

Presents: Toys, toys, and more toys, treats, and a new dog bed - no more sleeping on ours - after all you are 1 now, Bo. Who are we fooling - you've still been in the bed some.

Bo's bday outfit: Birthday hat and bandanna from Napa - he didn't even flinch

Memorable Quote: "I think you're more excited about this birthday than that dog."

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