Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out And About

A couple weeks ago I was craving fish and chips so I sought out to find one of the best places for fish and chips.  Well, I think I done it, A Salt and Battery.  It's very small, expect a wait, and possibly no table, but you can do like we did and request the VIP seat where they turn the side table by the register into a couple of seats.  Not a place for a large crowd, but a place for you to get some good fish and chips which is exactly what I was wanting.

Today I had an audition that was near Katz Deli so we thought we'd check out the famous place for reuben sandwiches and just famous place in general.  We waited in line twice.  Yes, twice.  I got overwhelmed the first time and wasn't quite sure if I was ready to push my way through the crowds of people and be aggressive to get a table especially when I didn't have a big plate of food in my hands.  Well, I got prepared and came back for a second take - was aggressive about getting a table and got one and made a couple of friends a long the way.  I shared the table with a group who ended up wanting my autograph thinking they'd end up seeing my name in lights someday.  I was flattered, of course, and enjoyed their company.  Gave my first NYC autograph in a place that's seen anyone and everyone.  All in all an experience.  Glad I gave it a second chance.  Expensive for a sandwich, although a good and big sandwich, you're paying for a staple NYC deli experience - Katz Deli.

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